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Bald Head Island - a quiet, beautiful place.

Want to know what’s weird? I have a blog post up on The Island Times, Bald Head Island Limited’s blog, about silence. It has some recordings you should listen to. Recordings of silence.

I know what you’re thinking – Recordings of silence? Impossible? But no, not impossible. Just like Bob Weir recording “heavy air” and “light air” to use on the Anthem of the Sun album, I have some recordings of silence on Bald Head Island.

Before you go read the post and listen to the sounds of silence (sorry S&G-funkle), read my story, Silence, in this year’s haven magazine. The link is here. Once you’ve read the story and have an idea of what I mean by silence, visit The Island Times, read the post and listen for yourself. Then go out and find some silence of your own.


An anhinga (the snakebird) I saw while on Bald Head Island helping with the Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count.

On January 2, I went over to Bald Head Island to help with the Audubon Society‘s Christmas Bird Count. I know what you’re thinking, The Christmas Bird Count? But it’s January. But that was the best time for bird counters on the Cape Fear Coast to get together.

I’m not an experienced birder, so I found myself attached to a friendly group who was happy to have a novice along. They even lent me some binoculars. The day was foggy and it was cold and you can read about it on The Island Times, the blog of Bald Head Island Limited.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, I went on a History Tour of Bald Head Island with the Old Baldy Foundation. The Old Baldy Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of and education about Old Baldy Lighthouse. You can read about my time-traveling ways (on a golf cart that hit somewhere around 18 miles an hour and definitely did not generate anywhere near 1.21 gigawatts) on The Island Times, the official blog of Bald Head Island.

It was a beautiful day for kayaking.

Yes, I had a birthday about a week ago. On the morning of my birthday I found three new grey hairs in my beard. I decided to counter the greying of my beard by going kayaking – nothing like fresh air and a marsh full of birds to fight back the effects of aging.

I went to one of my favorite spots – Bald Head Island – and joined the Bald Head Island Conservancy on one of their kayak trips. It was a beautiful day, a great paddle and a welcome break from my routine.  Read about it on The Island Times, Bald Head Island’s blog.




The kayaking birthday boy.

The Farm to Table Wine Dinner, sponsored by Childress Vineyards, featured many locally-sourced food products.

In graduate school one of our great friends – Adam Shobert – began pouring wine at The Wine Sampler, a local wine shop. His approach to wine really opened up my eyes and my palate and, before he moved to Ohio for greener pastures, we were Friday night regulars for his tastings. Now, thanks in no small part to Adam, I’m a wine convert. Under his guidance, it didn’t take long and I feel like I’ve developed a decent (but still undertrained) palate.

Which brings me to last weekend.

Last weekend (September 24 – 26), Bald Head Island hosted the second annual North Carolina Wine & Food Weekend. The weekend featured several North Carolina wineries, some delicious local food, a wine dinner and sparkling wine brunch (where they served, wait for it, bananas foster French toast). As the Adventure Blogger for The Island Times, Bald Head Island Limited’s blog, I felt it was my duty to explore the culinary delights at the festival. I wrote about it here. Hope you enjoy. And I hope you can make it next year.

The always lovely Lauren was the perfect weekend companion.


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