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Bald Head Island - a quiet, beautiful place.

Want to know what’s weird? I have a blog post up on The Island Times, Bald Head Island Limited’s blog, about silence. It has some recordings you should listen to. Recordings of silence.

I know what you’re thinking – Recordings of silence? Impossible? But no, not impossible. Just like Bob Weir recording “heavy air” and “light air” to use on the Anthem of the Sun album, I have some recordings of silence on Bald Head Island.

Before you go read the post and listen to the sounds of silence (sorry S&G-funkle), read my story, Silence, in this year’s haven magazine. The link is here. Once you’ve read the story and have an idea of what I mean by silence, visit The Island Times, read the post and listen for yourself. Then go out and find some silence of your own.


As you may know, I’m the Adventure Blogger for Bald Head Island Limited’s blog, The Island Times. What you may not know is that I also write for their magazine, haven.

Take a peek at haven, Bald Head Island's lifestyle magazine and visitor's guide. I have two stories in there.

haven comes out once a year and includes stories of the people, places and things that make Bald Head Island a great place to visit; it also includes rental and event information to help you plan a visit. You can visit Bald Head Island Limited’s site here and order a hard copy, or save some trees and read my stories on the online version of haven.

Flip through the magazine, but be sure to stop at pages 26 and 116 for my stories. On page 26 you’ll find a piece about standup paddleboarding, a new sport taking the world by storm. This was photographed by the awesome team at Millie Holloman Photography (there’s also a story about Millie and her family in this issue, written by my lovely wife) and the shots look great. In The Last Word, on page 116, I explore what it means to be silent and find silence on Bald Head Island. The story was inspired by Gordon Hempton’s book One Square Inch of Silence. You may find my take on that interesting.

Happy reading, and be sure to come back and look for more of my adventures on Bald Head Island throughout the year.


In honor of the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, I went on a History Tour of Bald Head Island with the Old Baldy Foundation. The Old Baldy Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of and education about Old Baldy Lighthouse. You can read about my time-traveling ways (on a golf cart that hit somewhere around 18 miles an hour and definitely did not generate anywhere near 1.21 gigawatts) on The Island Times, the official blog of Bald Head Island.

It was a beautiful day for kayaking.

Yes, I had a birthday about a week ago. On the morning of my birthday I found three new grey hairs in my beard. I decided to counter the greying of my beard by going kayaking – nothing like fresh air and a marsh full of birds to fight back the effects of aging.

I went to one of my favorite spots – Bald Head Island – and joined the Bald Head Island Conservancy on one of their kayak trips. It was a beautiful day, a great paddle and a welcome break from my routine.¬† Read about it on The Island Times, Bald Head Island’s blog.




The kayaking birthday boy.

After a day of hiking and kayaking, we pulled up into the reeds on Kim's Island and had lunch.

There are a few things I miss about living in West Virginia and Virginia and all of them are the mountains. I miss the way the mountains change color in the spring and again in the fall. I miss the breezes down the draws and hollows and coves. I miss hunting and hiking, creeping through the woods as quietly as possible and sitting and listening.

Since I moved to Wilmington in 2002 I’ve tried to find a way to recreate these things, but the narcotic haze of nostalgia keeps me from ever recreating the past. So I’ve tried substitutes. The azalea and witch hazel bloom. The ocean breeze. Walks through the flat, characterless pine forests¬† or along the beach. Nothing has compared to what I remember and long for in the mountains.

Self-portrait on Bald Head Island.

I recently went for a day hike and kayak trip on Bald Head Island that made me rethink things. Harper Peterson, owner of Riverside Adventure Company, invited me along to explore Bluff Island and Kim’s Island, which are part of the Smith Island Complex, same as Bald Head Island. I went and I wrote about it for The Island Times, Bald Head Island Limited’s blog. Read it and, when you’re in my part of the world, go experience it yourself.

I'm in the green kayak but you can't see me, I'm behind you.

Brown Pelicans on the remnants of the pier on Kim's Island, Bald Head Island, North Carolina.


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